Smooth acceleration

Constantly innovating, Atelier Fabrication RY Inc. developed a feeder which, with its magnetic couplings, automatically synchronizes itself with the planer.

Adaptable to the speed of any kind of planer, the feeder smoothly aligns the lumber pieces, reducing risks of jam-ups in the production line.

Auto-synchronization and smooth alignment avoid quick movements and reduce risks of broken pieces in both the feeder and planer, thus lowering maintenance costs.


  • Smooth, slip-free acceleration
  • Simultaneous height adjustment
  • Each roll has its individual magnetic coupling
  • Feeding and motorization without "pineapples" reduce lumber damages


  • Speed up to 2000 ft/minute
  • Chromed and grooved
    speeding rolls
  • Pivots on ball bearings
  • Shock absorption
    by pneumatic cushions
  • Quick clearance
    by pneumatic cylinder